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Some FREE Resources for you

Delia Noemi Jovel Dubon works with story and kids in a classroom in Spanish and English

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 Donna Marie Todd,  the singing storyteller

 Ronnie Pepper performing at a Winery

FREE resources for
libraries, schools, parents, kids & teachers

Bruno Saucedo Carrasco- A Hispanic Filmmaker and Storyteller

                                             “Why You Should Tell a Story Through Music”

                                             “Turning the  Ordinary into to the Extra-Ordinary’

                                             “Interview with a Penn State Music Major”

                                             “The Greatest Lyrics of All Time”

Donna Marie Todd- The Singing Storyteller

                                             “Jack and the Giants”

                                             “Jack and the Robbers”

                                             “Jack and the Bean Stalk”


Ronnie Pepper- An African American Storyteller

                                             “The Mule Egg”  


Delia Noemi Jovel Dubon- A bilingual Hispanic Storyteller

                                             “The impatient fox”

                                             “El zorro impaciente “

                                             “The Wall “

                                             “The seed of Trust”

                                             “La semilla de la confianza”




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