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Current Projects

We are always seeking opportunities for our storytellers, musicans, poets, and artists to perform or make art. We have a network of  artists ready to peform or work with you  or your groups and events. 

We are always involved in new projects and accepting ideas for opportunities to share our passion for art, stories, and entertaining education. Contact our Chair with your ideas!

HIspanic Cultural art.jpg
HIspanic Cultural art.jpg

Painting from the Museum of Antrhopology, Mexico City, Mexico

Our New Film

Our NEWEST FILM project is underway and will be a feature in length. It is filmed in NC, PA, and Mexico. This is a powerful tale of one family's story of citizenship, deportation, love & loss , and the costs to our society.


The film will be complete in 2023.

We are seeking more funding as the film goes into editing and final produciton. If you are interested in supporting this film or getting more information, please contact our chair.

Open Call to Artists

We are seeking artists:

BIPOC Storytellers who are  local to our area and interested in working with us to produce educational story work with kids and adults. Bi-lingual tellers are especially needed!

Visual Artists for designing and creating outdoor murals  for our 7th Ave project .

Fiber Artists to help us design and create an outdoor fiber installation as public art.

Knitters and crotcheters for a YARN BOMBing project soon to be underway. Ideas are welcomed and amateurs are encouraged to join in. 

Contact our chair,

Winter color BGC.jpeg

The 7th Ave. E. Public Art Project 

This project wll include public art  as murals, yarn bombing, fiber installations, and more!


STEAP is working with the City of Hendersonville in NC and a team of volunteers, artists, businesses, the Boys & Girls Club, local schools,  community groups, and local leaders of our BIPOC communities.

The goals are to: 

Honor our diverse communities’ stories, cultures, & contributions in the past, present, and future

•Engage community in creating connection through art

•Enhance the corridor for residents, businesses, & visitors

We have an OPEN CALL TO BIPOC  ARTISTS  and others to be involved. This is a new project launched in May 2022 and running for 36 months.We are grateful for a grant from the Community Foundation of Henderson County.


Please contact the project manager, for information or a powerpoint of the project.

Yarn Bombing is a international movement using yarn to cover many surfaces to create ART!

All the dark parts girl BGC.jpeg

Original art from Hendersonville Boys & Girls Club

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