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The Team
Connecting our communties with  stories


If you are interested in our organization, please contact the chair.

                   CHAIR of STEAP

                   Karen-Eve Bayne

is an international business woman, former Generall Manger of the London Philharmonic Orchestra, founder of the Do Tell Storyfest and STEAP.

To be of service and make good things happen is her personal mission. As an impresario and implementer, she wants to think big and do the work while having fun. She has a successful career as a project manager and leader, committed to the richness of diversity and enhancing our communities.

A native of Henderson County, NC, Karen-Eve is a performing artist, fiber artist, storyteller, mentor, and leader with a passion for connecting others to the arts and to their own passion/purpose. She does this by encouraging, coaching, mentoring, leading with compassionate hard work. KE enjoys making art, comfort foods, yoga, and gardening with her partner in Hendersonville NC. 


                  828 388 0247


Rev. Alfredo Oviedo

 is a bilingual, compassionate leader and community advisor. Alfredo has spent his life in work, education, ministry, and at many levels of community involvement. He is particularly dedicated to cooperation between cultural communities and immigration education.  With a background in information technology, theology, and education, Alfredo serves as a mentor and example to many. 


His interests in social analysis, science & religion, and bridging cultures helps us widen our cultural perspectives and examine our actions.   Alfredo’s guiding life’s principles are his belief in both the uniqueness and commonality of all humans and our potential to transform the world as a welcoming, diverse, and inclusive place for all people. He is a leader in our Hispanic community and active in immigration and racial justice matters. 


His values provide inspiration for daily acts of mercy, justice, inclusion, and holiness.  He is a pastor at Grace Lutheran Church, former hospital chaplain, and tireless supporter of efforts to build full community. He lives in Henderson County NC with his wife, children, and many friends where he enjoys reading, raising chickens, traveling, and home repair projects with family members.

Alfredo and stained glass window.jpeg


is "Trying to better the World, One Song at a time".


In this age when pop princesses dominate the airwaves, Emmy-nominated Kat Williams fills a void that has been severely neglected for years. She satisfies a yearning that many music lovers have longed to be filled: a return to emotive Truth and Honesty in music rarely found today.


Originally from NYC, she has performed for Gen. Colin Powell, Robin Williams, “America’s Got Talent “, Vegas Top 100 Callbacks and opened for Chaka Kahn. Not only  energetic and talented, Kat does the hard work of compassionately telling stories needing voice; and empowering those marginalized. She does it with style, grace, and deep love.


She lives in Asheville, NC and works with the Sheriff’s department; performs regularly:; is the lead singer at Unity of Blue Ridge, and volunteers constantly as she elevates others.


Peter L Gollup
Independent Finance officer 

is a Renaissance Man! His successful 40+ year business career combins his creativity & energy with his training as a fine craftsman and this is a win-win for STEAP’s mission.


Peter’s experience set and unique insights into business and people are a cornerstone of our focus and success.  His financial acumen, generosity, and keen eye keep our pencils sharpened while his humor keeps us laughing. "How you do something is how you do everything" is his motto of doing all  well and with passion. He believes we all can access abundance and potential in our lives.


Peter is like a dog with a bone—he is persistent, creative, and determined.   He loves life in the mountains and he is a facilitator for PEAK (, active in his woodworking studio, his business, bonsai garden, and with Meals on Wheels.

peter in kayak 2015.jpeg

Kathleen Tighe Kurke

has long been a supporter of STEAP and all things creative. She abounds with ideas, resources, energy, and clarity in strategy and project management. She advises us on our goals, marketing, delivery & project reviews.


Kathleen is a nationally recognized recruiter, sought after public speaker, highly skilled business coach, and thinker. Kathleen brings an abundance of ideas, energy, and enthusiasm to STEAP’s mission.  She is a creative out-of-the box thinker. 

Kathleen shares her skills of critical thinking and honesty with the Board in her wonderfully clear and encouraging style. She lives in Hendersonville wiht Reba her dog, volunteers with United Way, and many creative projects.

Andrea Eisen

offers STEAP her years of expertise and knowledge in many areas of film production.  Andrea, Executive Director of Hibiscus Entertainment Group, is an Emmy Award winning producer as well as a domestic and international programming, distribution, co-production and development executive with a track record in forging strategic relationships around the world. 


Prior to forming Hibiscus Entertainment Group, Andrea spent 13 years at HBO as Director of Worldwide Program Sales and Co-Productions. In that position, Andrea managed a staff, oversaw the domestic and international distribution and co-production of HBO original programming. Andrea was responsible for licensing HBO films and programs to the secondary markets in the US and co-producing and distributing programs and films with international partners.  Prior to HBO, Andrea held positions with Warner Cable, Columbia Pictures, Playboy TV, and Athena Communications in New York. Andrea was a founding member of the Collective for Living Cinema providing a venue for independent film and performance artists in the Tribeca neighborhood in NY.  She maintains positions in the worldwide television distribution and co-production marketplace


Now she is a ‘snowbird’ living half the year in Miami, Florida and half in Hendersonville NC atop a mountain. with her husband and dog.  While still very active in film and STEAP, she finds balance and joy in cooking, gardening, yoga, and going to the farmers markets. Her knowledge and enthusiasm for our projects is stunning!

For Website Andrea.jpg
DeBorah Ogiste.png

Rev . DeBorah Ogiste



DeBorah is a writer and facilitator of workshops and retreats. She is a developer of programs that hold space for mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical transformation.

She is one of the founders of The BIPOC Raw Show which is dedicated to making a difference to bring about ethnic, religious, and sexual orientation inclusions throughout the world.

As Support Minister of Diversity Enrichment at Unity of The Blue Ridge, Mills River, NC. DeBorah Ogiste also Known as DeBorah Satyagraha (Reliance on truth) is an Ordained New Thought Minister, a ceremonialist, and a Carrier of the sacred Pipe which is used for prayer and healing. She is a Certified Reiki Master, Tuning Fork Practitioner, Spiritual life coach; a high intuitive and open channel using her gifts for holistic healing.

Deborah is on mission developing Woman to Woman, A group of women based on the embodiment of Unconditional Love and Peace as taught by many of the great masters. She brings together women who embrace the inclusion of all who prescribe to the One Love principal. (One love refers to the universal love and respect expressed by all people for all people, regardless of race, creed, color, sexual orientation, faith, or religion.)


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